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Crypto exchanges

Enable compliant crypto transactions instantly, safely, and easily

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Crypto exchanges


The problem

Obtaining a comprehensive picture of users' crypto financial data is very difficult, especially if their accounts are operated by multiple crypto exchanges or use different wallets and protocols

The solution

Blockmate’s open crypto API identifies user- and transaction-related AML/CFT risks. It automatically evaluates crypto wallets and transactions of all your users and provides a risk score with usage insights. This allows you to make better decisions and minimize financial and legal risks for your business.

Product and benefits

Secure and effective risk assessment of crypto transactions

Blockmate facilitates compliance and legal processes for CEXs. Single API integration will help any FinTech business comply with global regulations while operating safely and risk-free.

KYT and AML/CFT risk score

We identify all AML/CFT risks and automatically evaluate crypto wallets and all transactions above 150 EUR providing risk scores. Dozens of open and commercial datasets for name, category, and risk attribution are used in the process. Each transaction, once structured and categorized, comes with comprehensive data and insights bringing trust and transparency to your business.

Safe and secure client onboarding

In the framework of KYC procedures, Blockmate’s API inspects and determines the sources of funds of your users to safeguard your business from crimes and losses. We scan the sources and transactions for matches with sanctions lists and 3rd party databases.

Archiving and historical screening

Aside from providing in-depth scanning and detailed insights, Blockmate’s open crypto API archives all historical transaction records. If needed, such archived information will guarantee that your decisions are supported by valid and credible data from the compliance viewpoint.


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