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Become a creator of next-gen FinTech apps with Blockmate’s crypto API

Andrej Coplak


CEO at Blockmate


July 13, 2022

Become a creator of next-gen FinTech apps with Blockmate’s crypto API

Future-ready, forward-thinking, future-forwarding. It’s all about Blockmate. We're taking a step toward the next-gen financial solutions and launching our open crypto API for every Web2 and Web3 developer.

Leverage our open crypto API and join forces to build bridges between traditional finance and crypto. Connect your apps to wallets and exchanges, or create a cutting-edge NFT portfolio manager. Let's embark on this crypto journey together!

When it comes to creating a seamless experience in the open crypto economy, the industry faces myriad challenges. Users often have multiple accounts at multiple financial institutions, TradFi and DeFi included. And for businesses with a sizable client base, it’s often complicated to collect and provide a comprehensive picture of the overall financial health.

Blockmate connects Web2 and Web3, unifies all aggregated crypto data from wallets in a single place, and delivers it to you. Processes like transactions, account overview, or NFT management are often a cause of anxiety. We respond to the need to simplify the chaos and bring comfort, confidence, and control. That’s what Blockmate does for its partners.

‍All crypto data in one place

A single Blockmate API integration connects your users' crypto financial data to your app and gives you instant access to the most sought-after cryptocurrency tokens and exchanges. This guarantees a precise tracking of user wallets and protocol transactions. While that's enough for processes like wealth management of personal and corporate finances, portfolios, or NFTs, we don’t stop there. If your business needs a creative option for in-depth monitoring of your users’ transactions, our essentials like bookkeeping and accounting can introduce a next-gen evolution to tax automation.

‍Complex financial views – SORTED!

If you need to process complex financial information and have a unified view of your users’ total balance, income, or list of digital assets, then Blockmate is your best mate! Access to all protocols and crypto data is at your fingertips thanks to data unification and output standardization. Combined with on-and off-chain data, such access makes you well-equipped to build an outstanding app that can give users insights into their spending, financial tips, and more advanced details like loan approvals, etc. To put it simply, Blockmate does the grunt work of sorting miles-long code into neat strings of data that you can arrange in a user-friendly manner in your app. And that’s the magic behind our data aggregation and tracking!

‍Automatic evaluation of wallets and transactions

A single Blockmate API integration will allow your business to comply with AML/CFT standards and avoid regulatory scrutiny. If your business deals with the prevention of money laundering, illicit crypto rotation, and suspicious activity, this one is for you. For future evaluation and audits, you can archive all transaction cases.

Financial screening

Transparent and trustworthy operations help you run your business with confidence. Transaction data shared by your users, coupled with our insights, speeds up all processes and reduces identity and crypto-related risks down to zero. A single API integration gives you everything you need to combine insights into your systems, alongside identity and data verifications. It allows you to detect all possible risk factors, as well as the functionality to import your own history.

Comprehensive NFT management

We recognize the importance of the multibillion-dollar NFT market to our customers. While non-fungibles dwell on different closed platforms, Blockmate’s API allows users to easily connect their NFTs and display them in one place, with insights like prices, dates, and full history.

Lightning-speed API Key Integration

We determined the needs of the market and responded to challenges quickly. The results of our hard work is a viable and widely-accessible product that we are proud of. Blockmate’s API key can be integrated in seconds, meaning you get the fastest access to the digital economy and high-quality financial data. With us, you can start your operation in just a few minutes!

Get your API key now—use the sign-up box below, and launch your crypto-powered fintech app backed by Blockmate today!

Happy zapping ⚡️