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Personal finance

Consolidate all crypto data in one place

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Personal finance


The problem

The ever-evolving crypto market is still fragmented. With users having multiple accounts in different financial institutions, it’s difficult to cater complete financial data to them.

The solution

Blockmate helps to create a tracker platform with an aggregated view for digital currencies, as well as combined crypto data from exchanges and wallets.

Product and benefits

Connect users' wallets in your  next-gen FinTech app

The industry teems with wallet providers and exchanges. Be the one who aggregates crypto financial data into one single interface with Blockmate’s API.

Target the ever-growing segment of crypto users

The number of crypto users grows daily. One of the ways to appeal to the holders of digital currencies is by offering them familiar services. Blockmate’s API allows you to operate in a manner similar to traditional finance applications. With API integration you get access to the most widely-used cryptocurrency and exchanges providing users with an aggregated financial view, including precise wallet tracking and transactions.

Give users detailed in-app all-crypto financial data

Any crypto user uses at least 2 apps to check and manage their digital assets. Exchanges, stats, wallets, NFT marketplaces - switching between these applications to check balances or see market fluctuations becomes a headache. Single personal wealth management app backed with Blockmate’s API makes it possible to have it all in one single place, sorted and well-structured.

Provide a 360° view on expenditures and savings

By integrating Blockmate’s API you will be able to scan up to 24 months of clean and categorized transaction history. Checking balances of linked accounts, investments and expenditures in real-time from a single source eliminates wasteful spendings and guides users toward smarter actions and savings.


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