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How to build the Personal finance management app in 5 minutes using React and Blockmate Web3 API

Medb Kiely-Cuddy




December 5, 2022

How to build the Personal finance management app in 5 minutes using React and Blockmate Web3 API

There are over 300+ million Web3 users and the average user has 3.5 wallets. So, the need for apps that can give users power over their digital assets is clear.

Many Web3 products are inaccessible or difficult to use for the average customer, so it’s essential to build Web3 apps at the same standard as traditional finance.

Blockmate’s Web3 API provides you with the tools you need to build high-quality personal finance management solutions. We’ve created a simple Personal finance management app to showcase what our solution can offer and inspire you to build your own Web3 Super apps of the future. Check it out here → to see it in action.

Our API can be used to build Web3 personal finance apps at the same quality as users have come to expect. Give your users access to 24 months of historical data across multiple accounts in a clear and accessible manner, as well as rich financial overviews and detailed breakdowns. Create investment apps and all-in-one money management tools that give users control over their finances.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use our API solution in a few simple steps. You’ll be able to clone our app for free and use it as a foundation for your app ideas. Ready? Let’s get started.

What to expect from this guide

By the end of this guide you’ll have:

  • Blockmate account →
  • Blockmate API keys
  • Learned how to use the personal finance management app online
  • Personal finance management app open-source code in your local dev environment (Coming soon)
  • Learned how to use our API solution to create a sample Personal finance management tool

What you’ll need to get started

Getting a Blockmate account and API key

First things first, let’s get your API key:

  • Visit and sign up for free
  • There you’ll find your dashboard where you can generate your API key
  • Click “Generate new API key” button and copy your key to a safe place
  • It’s that easy!

Testing personal finance management app online

Follow our guide below for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to try and test our personal finance management app.

1. Visit Personal finance management app online

Visit the live application in the browser at

2. Choose from supported providers and paste your wallet address

Feel free to connect more wallets to see consolidated portfolio view.

3. Enjoy your live personal finance management app!

Your portfolio is live! We encourage you to continue building a fully-fledged Personal finance management app.

Cloning personal finance management app from GitHub

A step-by-step guide is coming next week!


Congratulations! You’re set up and ready to continue your development. Feel free to build on these foundations and create your own next-gen personal finance management Super app!

A few advanced features to get you started include:

  • Implement dark mode—download Figma file
  • Implement wallet connections—for example, Wallet Connect or Metamask
  • Implement transfers between wallets functionality
  • Implement connections to traditional banks through open banking
  • Enable folders and tags to organize wallets
  • Enable scam tokens burn or hide functionality
  • Optimize for a mobile app

About Blockmate

Blockmate is a superfast Web3 API solution that seamlessly connects millions of Web3 users to your apps. From personal finance management, NFT management to AML/CFT compliance and much more, Blockmate can future-proof your business and make sure you’re well-equipped for the blockchain revolution.

Feel free to visit our Discord to get live support on your build and share your app when it’s done. We’ll be more than happy to highlight your project’s successes, and we can’t wait to see our API in action!