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How to get started with superfast Blockmate Web3 plugin in 5 minutes

Yeva Voskanian




September 28, 2022

How to get started with superfast Blockmate Web3 plugin in 5 minutes

How to add cryptocurrency to a website? How to get crypto data from multiple accounts? How to be AML compliant? You can do it all in just 5 minutes with Blockmate!

We’ve prepared this brief guide so you can learn how to quickly and easily integrate our API into your existing ecosystem and start benefiting from our products and services.  

What you will need

  • A free Blockmate account
  • A free Postman account  

What you will get

  • A unique API key
  • All of Blockmate's Web3 API endpoints
  • Access to the fastest AML/CFT compliance endpoint
  • Complete crypto wallet integration
  • NFT endpoint

Start · 1 min

First off, create a Blockmate account where you will track your project and keep all your API keys. It’s very simple and completely free of charge. Go to, enter your email and password, check the verification code in your mailbox, and come back to the Blockmate portal where you can start generating keys.

Create your Blockmate account at

Setting up a project and getting a key · 1 min

As a newcomer to the Blockmate portal, you will be asked to create a project. Give it a title and get ready to generate APIs for it. A single free key can serve multiple purposes for your project. For example, connecting crypto financial data of your users, making your business AML/CFT compliant in an instant, and providing risk-scoring for wallets.

The system automatically generates an API key. For security purposes, it will be visible for 3 minutes only, so make sure to copy it right away and move on to testing it.

Generate and manage your API keys in the portal's Dashboard

Codeless testing with Postman · 3 mins

Now that you have your API key from Blockmate, you can start testing it! We've prepared an entire Postman collection of endpoints so you can easily explore, debug, and test your API requests without writing a single line of code. Postman collection provides pre-formatted requests for almost all of our endpoints to get you started fast. All you have to do is visit, fork the collection for free, and fill in your API key.


Congratulations! You’re set up and ready to continue your development. Feel free to build on these foundations and create your own next-gen FinTech Superapp!

As you can see, Blockmate makes it possible for you to access and carry out crypto-related financial processes for your business. And these 3 steps show you just how easy it is to tap into the world of Web3 with us. If this guide wasn’t enough, you can check the technical guidance on our Docs page or get live support on our Discord. If you still have questions, you can book a call with our team and we'll gladly help you and answer all your queries.

We’ll be more than happy to highlight your project’s successes and we can’t wait to see our API in action!