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Solana · NFT

NFT integrations


December 2, 2022

Connect your users’ Solana NFTs to your platform using Blockmate’s API!

Solana is one of the most popular blockchains for NFTs and DeFi due to itstheir low fees and speed. It isThey are second only to Ethereum in terms of sales and number of collections.  

Now, Blockmate clients can instantly:  

  • Connect to and display over 53,000 Solana NFT collections on their application through a single API.  
  • Gather and categorize information, including detailed historical prices, transaction histories and fiat values.  
  • Offer a more comprehensive NFT management service to their customers.  
  • Remain AML/CFT compliant while operating safely and risk-free.  
  • Carry out secure and effective risk assessment of NFT transactions.  

About Solana NFTs

While Ethereum is the most popular network for NFTs, it has struggled with scalability and high costs leaving a gap in the market. Solana has happily stepped into this space with the potential ability to handle 65,000 transactions per second at low fees. It has quickly become the second largest NFT space in Web3. In recent times, Solana has even surpassed Ethereum’s daily NFT trading volume on several occasions.

Popular examples include the Degenerate Ape Academy, Degods, Okay Bears, and Degen Trash Pandas.  

How to connect:  

With Blockmate, you don’t need to set up or connect to every NFT collection or network one by one. Everything you need is already here and part of our API. In just a few moments, you can connect to your users’ Solana wallets to display and manage their NFT collections.  

⚡️ Happy Zapping!