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Polygon · MATIC

On-chain wallets


November 4, 2022

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of Polygon (MATIC) token support and Polygon wallet integration to our API.

Polygon brings a multi-chain scaling solution to the Ethereum network as well as its Polygon SDK, used by developers worldwide to build Ethereum-compatible blockchains and dApps.  Blockmate enables FinTechs and developers to access a wide range of data from onchain wallets on the Polygon network.

Now, Blockmate clients can instantly:

  • Connect over 135 million unique addresses on the Polygon network to your application through a single API.
  • Gather and categorize information including balances, transaction histories, and fiat values.
  • Gain access to the historical data of over 1.8 billion transactions.
  • Remain AML/CFT compliant while operating safely and risk-free.
  • Carry out secure and effective risk assessment of crypto transactions.

About Polygon

Polygon is one of the most widely used scaling solutions and the 12th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees using the Polygon SDK.

Polygon’s mission is to create "Ethereum's internet of blockchains" by providing a simple framework that allows developers to create ZK rollup chains, optimistic rollup chains, and many more that are all Ethereum-compatible.  

How to connect

With Blockmate, you don’t need to set up or connect to every cryptocurrency or protocol one by one. Everything you need is already here and part of our API, allowing you to jump right in!

⚡️ Happy Zapping!