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Celo · CELO

On-chain wallets


December 12, 2022

We’ve added CELO token support and Celo wallet integration to our API as part of our extensive coverage.

Celo is a mobile-first DeFi platform that allows holders to use their mobile numbers as their public key. Their team comes from a range of backgrounds including finance, tech and the US government. Recognizing the potential in mobile phone users, they’ve grown from strength to strength since their launch.  

Now, Blockmate clients can instantly:  

  • Connect over 3 million unique addresses on the <chain> network to your application through a single API.  
  • Gather and categorize information including balances, transaction histories, and fiat values.  
  • Gain access to the historical data of over 3 million transactions.  
  • Remain AML/CFT compliant while operating safely and risk-free.  
  • Carry out secure and effective risk assessment of crypto transactions.  

About Celo

Celo is a global payment network that aims to provide mobile-based DeFi services to users. Launched in 202, one of its key features is using mobile phone numbers as public keys. They’re a mobile-first blockchain that allows users to create smart contracts through their phones.  

The founders of CELO come from a vast range of tech and finance backgrounds, including Google, VISA, Federal Reserve Bank, Harvard, and U.S. Department of Justice. Their foundation aims to provide the unbanked with financial services through their smartphones.

How to connect  

With Blockmate, you don’t need to set up or connect to every cryptocurrency or protocol one by one. Everything you need is already here and part of our API, allowing you to jump right in!  

⚡️ Happy Zapping!